Data Security as a Service (DSaaS®) is more than technology.  DSaaS® is maintained through the Security Operations Center (SOC).  Our SOC is not a big room filled with rows of robot like technicians watching their screens.  DSaaS® is focused on security awareness.  The human monitoring of not only what the technology is doing but an ongoing assessment of security risks and issues that a properly functioning network faces day to day.

DSaaS® is not focused on a firewall.  We are focused on the monitoring of data exfiltration and the security of the communications pipes used for network communications.  We are always focused on threat research and network vulnerabilities.

The DSaaS® SOC is about accidental or intentional exfiltration of data from both inside the network and from threats that penetrate the firewall and become data exfiltration threats.

Our SOC has Incident and Issue Management with escalation policies to alert and inform our clients.  The ongoing assessments are presented in daily, weekly, monthly and other timely review documents always designed to help improve the security policies of the network.

The DSaaS® Control Center

  • Monitoring – 7×24/365
  • Reporting – Analytic reports daily, weekly, monthly, other
  • Policy Management