Application Migration, Development & Data Security

The “second wave” of Cloud Computing once infrastructure and identity management is established will be one that involves moving, consolidating, changing, modernizing and rebuilding the enterprise applications that actually run businesses and Government agencies. This “application wave” will be larger, more complex and carry more risk than the shift to a Cloud Infrastructure. Customers will be driven by their desire to capture all of the benefits of Cloud Computing, save money, modernize legacy applications and improve the security of their data all at the same time.

To address these needs, M2 has assembled a diverse and experienced team of architects, designers, and developers versed in moving, modifying and building enterprise-grade applications. Migrations can only be successful if the team performing them understands the Cloud Infrastructure and how to best utilize it. Our teams are process and results driven, and work toward efficiency and savings.

To compliment these capabilities, M2 has developed skills in several small, unique, security-based tools designed specifically for protecting the data assets of our customers. Our solutions address situational awareness, incident response, insider threat prevention and can be delivered on-premise or as a managed service and are best in class.